Unearth the World

Project Description

The mission of Unearth the World (UEW) is to promote cross-cultural learning, foster reciprocal partnerships and elevate social consciousness through meaningful volunteer exchange programs. When I stared on this project UEW had nothing but their desire to change the world and a great business plan. 2 years later, their business is booming with over 400 trips planned, partnerships with many leading Universities and more to come…

Project Details

  • Role: Lead Designer/Developer
  • Platform: WordPress 
  • Scope: Custom website (responsive)
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Mobile Friendly

Like all websites we build, mobile optimization is a key part of our design process. If your website is not mobile optimized, you’re missing out on 40-50% of your prospective customer base as well as hurting your SEO potential as Google will favor mobile optimized websites in their search results.

Blog with Subscriptions

Unearth the World is very active in the blogger space and they needed a place to house all of their great content. We also integrated and email newsletter signup and blog subscription service so their followers are never to far away from the pulse of meaningful volunteer travel.

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