The Fishery Restaurant Website

Project Description

The Fishery is quite possibly the best seafood restaurant in San Diego. Not only do they catch their own seafood daily so you can have the freshest meal possible, they also sell their catch to many of the other local area restaurants in the San Diego area. I was hired to redesign the existing website to improve the look and make it mobile friendly as well as integrate selling their Gift Card’s online.

Project Details

  • Role: Lead Designer/Developer
  • Platform: WordPress 
  • Scope: Custom website (responsive)
  • View website

Mobile Friendly

Like all websites we build, mobile optimization is a key part of our design process. If your website is not mobile optimized, you’re missing out on 40-50% of your prospective customer base as well as hurting your SEO potential as Google will favor mobile optimized websites in their search results.

Gift Card Integration

The Fishery needed to incorporate a way to sell gift cards online through their restaurant. To accomplish this, we integrated an e-commerce solution into the website which allows seamless purchase and delivery for their customers while keeping the look at feel of the website intact.

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