StealthMachines Custom Computers Website

Project Description

StealthMachines builds the fastest custom computers on the market at the most affordable prices. Each computer is hand built in their workshop.  We wanted to take this level of pride into the site build and we think it shows.  The sleek design and ease of use really drive home the quality and professionalism StealthMachines brings to the market of custom gaming computers.

Project Details

  • Role: Lead Designer/Developer
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Scope: Custom website (responsive)
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Custom Computer Configuration Tool

At the heart of StealthMachines is the custom computer configuration tool, called “the configurator”.  This handy system allows a customer to custom build their computer right down to the color of the RAM chips!  It’s quite amazing!

Mobile Friendly

Like all websites we build, mobile optimization is a key part of our design process. If your website is not mobile optimized, you’re missing out on 40-50% of your prospective customer base as well as hurting your SEO potential as Google will favor mobile optimized websites in their search results.

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