Mirinda Carfrae Website

Project Description

Mirinda Carfrae is a World Champion and one of the most decorated and dedicated female triathletes the world has ever seen. When I got the call to give her old website a new look, needless to say, I was honored and excited at the opportunity to make an impact. For this build, I wanted to make sure that the user sees the full scope of her involvement with the sport and the community as a whole. Whether it’s viewing her results history, social media, photos, video or charity involvement, this website has it covered.

Project Details

  • Role: Lead Designer/Developer
  • Platform: WordPress 
  • Scope: Custom website (responsive)
  • View website

Mobile Friendly

Like all websites we build, mobile optimization is a key part of our design process. If your website is not mobile optimized, you’re missing out on 40-50% of your prospective customer base as well as hurting your SEO potential as Google will favor mobile optimized websites in their search results.

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